About us

Since the 1.1.2006 the company Olaf Buehler Mail-Order has changed to a company constituted under civil law with the name Bacher & Buehler Trading GbR. Now the company has the two owners Dipl. economist Anette Bacher and Dipl. economist Olaf Buehler.
The Olaf Buehler Mail-Order company was founded on 1.december.2003 in Duesseldorf / Germany and since 15,January,2004 the company has moved to Solingen - the town where the famous knives and scissors are produced.

We trade with a broad variety of selected cutlery products with good to excellent quality. Besides that we offer special products that You cannot find everywhere e.g. very rare knives and Zippo lighters, gourmet accessories, leisure products further Design products, some of them with the 'Red DOT Design Award'. It is one of our aims to trade with products which are not to be found everywhere. Our goal is to satisfy all our customers by good quality for fair prices combined with the fastest possible delivery of the products. CUSTOMERSERVICE is thus really one of our strenghts. Our enterprise is located in Solingen, where our articles can be bought in a real showroom. If you should look for special cutlery products - naturally also from the other categories of products we sell -, which You cannot find in our shop, ask us. Have much fun in our shop - that is meant for our virtual shop and our real showroom!

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