Junkers Watches

Junkers aircrafts all over the world. The fascination. Junkers aviator watches.

For all those who feel this adventurous spirit in themselves, these Junkers flying watches series was created, a watch collection full of love for detail:
Elaborate dials, tube-lights, stainless steel or titanium housing and movements, which will let the hearts of watch fans beat faster!

Hugo Junkers - please read! Hugo Junkers (1859 - 1935) Ingenious German aeroplane engineer, inventor of the double piston en... 0,00 EUR

Junkers Automatic Watch 6624-2 **150 Years Junkers *** Limited special edition *** 1.999,00 EUR

Junkers Chronometer with Certificate 6658-1 Chronometer Certificate Sternwarte Glashuette 1.499,00 EUR

Replacement leatherband for Junkers watch 6246 39,90 EUR

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