HARLEY-DAVIDSON® flaming legend II purple

HARLEY-DAVIDSON® flaming legend II purple


A name, with which everbody associates America, bikers and endless highways. Just like the motorcycles, this knife-series, which is manufactured under license from HARLEY DAVIDSON®, stands for robustness with classical forms. Whether to leather clothes or to jeans, this knife fits to any outfit.

Harley-Davidson® Flaming Legend II Purple - Fred Carter Design

Fred Carter is not only one of the big in the American knife scene, he also has well over 100,000 miles made with his Harley Low Rider. Here is the most exciting evidence of his passion for Harley: The blade is made of 440er high-quality stainless steel, ice-hardened and the fascinating purple-colored look of the handle are the outstanding features of this piece of jewelry.

Handle made of aeroplane-aluminium. Trousers-Clip.
Length of the handle: 10.7 cm.
Length of the blade: 7.7 cm.
Weight: 80 g.


139,00 EUR


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