LAGUIOLE EN AUBRAC with Bruyère wood plates brass


Only the traditional manual work constitutes the real value of this legendary folding knife. The first knife of this kind was created 1829 in Laguiole, a small village in the southwest of France. The bee, which decorates the high-quality plates, is from this day on the most distinguished symbol of the most famous knife from France. Each genuine original Laguiole is an unique piece. For the manufaction 109 production steps for a one-piece knife are necessary, 166 for a two-piece knife and 216 steps for a three-part knife. This complex process differentiates these knives manufactured with true fate relating to crafts in affectionate manual work strongly from the ones which are machine manufactured.

The main characteristics for genuine manual work of the tradition forge LAGUIOLE EN AUBRAC:
- Each knife is individually ice-hardened by hand.
- Each forming and fitting takes place by hand.
- Each knife from beginning to its completion is manufactured from only one knife-manufacturer, who stamps his personal hand
engraving (see illustration below) on the back of the blade.
- In accordance with the old tradition the core of the handle, the spring, including the prestigious bee is forged from only one
piece of steel.
- The cross of the shepherd on the plate may never be missing.
- All used materials are high-quality and completely natural origin.
- All of this confirms the enclosed authenticity certificate to each Laguiole en Aubrac.

You will acquire here a Laguiole en Aubrac, which has very high-quality plates made of Bruyère wood with a fantastic grain.
A genuine piece of splendor. The beauty of each collection. The blade and also the corkscrew are made of best high-quality steel, stainles. The fittings are made of brass.
The Bruyère wood (briar wood) is light brown to reddish brown, a very fine grained root wood of the tree heath, very hard and difficult to burn. It also finds use in the manufacture of fine bowls of a tobacco-pipe.

Technical data:
Weight: 79 g.
Length of the handle: 11 cm.
Length of the blade: 9 cm.
Length of the corkscrew: 4 cm.


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