Solingen windmill Buckelsklinge - stainless -



Since 120 years the "Buckelsklinge" blade kept its form. The broad blade makes it just as suitable for cutting bread and rolls as well as cheese and salami, as also for spreading butter or something similar.
The name of the blade originally stems from round, bulgy blade process from the word "belly", on old low German "Buck".

The original windmill knife "Buckelsklinge" is a classic, which is polished and sharpened by hand, just in the opposite to machine manufactured knives.

The handle consists of fine polished cherry tree wood.

Breakfast knife Buckelsklinge - not dishwashersafe - stainless

Blade made of chrome molybdenum vanadium steel, stainless.
Length of the blade: approx. 11.5 cm.
Length of the handle: approx. 10.5 cm.

HERDER WINDMILL KNIVES A TRADITIONAL COMPANY FROM SOLINGEN - original Solingen knives handmade - Solingen knives

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