Solingen windmill K2 chef´s knife HRC 60


"K2" - the small chef's knife with high demand.
This knife has excellent cutting abilities with its 120 mm long blade with a slight curve , because the blade is similar to a large kitchen knife. At the same time it is very easy to handle because of the significantly smaller size.
It is suitable for all work on the board. Whether it is vegetable or meat, the small chef's knife slices through it smooth and accurate.

The broad blade is made of unusual, high-quality carbon steel, not less than 1% carbon proportion, not stainless, blaugepliesstet, hardened of 60 HRC (Rockwell-hardness grade). The European hardness is 54-56 HRC. Due to the higher hardness the blade has a longer edge holding ability and also still a relative elasticity. This toughness requires a sensitive approach: tilt, turn, or lever damages the knife. The handle is made of fine plum wood, shaped, oval, polished.
Not dishwashersafe.


Original Solingen windmill knife K2 - non stainless
(advice: buy also the "Solingen windmill knife care set")
Length of the blade: 12 cm, blaugepliesstet, total length: 22.5 cm.
Weight: 68 g.

The blade:
The blade is "blaugepliesstet" by hand. The "Blaupliessten" by hand is in the traditional Solingen sharpening handicraft the finest treatment of the blade surface. Today this technology is controlled by only a handful of the best sharpeners in Solingen.
By this treatment the blade gets a fine blue glow. The particularly smooth surface also splits hard things very easyly. "Blaupliessten" stands for highest sharpness!

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