The special of the series PROFESSIONAL "S"

The special of the PROFESSIONAL "S" series of ZWILLING:

Riveted handle in traditional design.
An advanced hobby chef will go for PROFESSIONAL "S". He will trust the proven quality and tradition of riveted knives. And he will recognize the solid steel from blade to handle: tradition at its best by ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS.

1. Sintermetal-Component-Technology
PROFESSIONAL "S" knives are being manufactured using the Sintermetal-Component-Technology, a process which is mastered only by ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS.

2. Precision honing
Laser monitoring ensures that each knife is honed to its optimum cutting angle. Honing is constant and even from tip to bolster. The knives are sharper and retain their cutting edge longer.

3. Special steel FRIODUR®, ice-hardened
High-grade stainless steel receives further quality refinement by a special ice-hardening process. Ground blades made of ice-hardened steel have both an outstanding cutting edge retention and resistance to corrosion .

4. Metal bolster
The metal bolster is shaped as a finger guard and ensures balanced weight distribution. Thus, using the knife is safe as well as comfortable.

5. Exposed tang
The full tang of stainless steel forms a strong basic component which is connected to the handle with rustproof rivets. This traditional method of workmanship signals the utmost knife quality.

6. Handle design
The scales are inseparably fastened to the tang with three rivets. Ergonomic design ensures that the handle is well balanced.

7. Perfect workmanship
Handle and blade have been perfectly connected. Excess material between bolster, tang and scales has been removed. Dirt and bacteria can not settle. PROFESSIONAL "S" knives comply with all currently valid hygiene regulations.

8. Synthetic scales
The scales are made of a modern plastic compound which is not only unbreakable but also resistant to impact and acid. It is unfading, can be sterilized and is dishwasher safe.


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