DREITURM SOLINGEN Manicure case Russia leather

Elegant 7-pcs. manicure frame case made of very fine Russia leather equipped with excellent DREITURM inox instruments - DREITURM Solingen Germany, always committed the quality and tradition since 1829

Material of the case: very fine Russia leather inside and outside, hand sewed.
Colour: black, with elegant inox-frame and double inox-press lock.
Dimension of the case: 17.5 x 9.5 x 1.4 cm.
Weight of the case: 280 g.

Equipped with 7 high-quality DREITURM Inox Instruments,
made of stainless inox steel, hot-forged, ice-hardened, fine grinded, individually tested, regrindable and food-safe:
1 nail scissors, inox, length: 9 cm.
1 cuticle scissors, inox, length: 9 cm.
1 tweezers, slanted, inox, length: 8 cm.
1 sapphire nail file, inox, one side extra fine, one side fine, length: 12.5 cm.
1 nail pusher, inox, length: 12 cm.
1 nail knife, inox, length: 12 cm.
1 nail nippers, inox, equipped with double-spring, length: 13 cm.

DREITURM Manicure Instruments made in Solingen

All manicure instruments made of best special steel, piece for piece hardened in the fire, hand-grinded, carefully checked and individually tested of their cut capacity. Each original DREITURM instrument has the unmatched easy, soft gear. Until its completion more than 80 operations are necessary - a guarantee for Solingen high-class workmanship of best tradition.

DREITURM - Best quality since 1829 - Made in the world-famous town of sharp blades Solingen - Quality made in Solingen Germany


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