Manicure case bicolour KREUZBUBE SOLINGEN 8-pcs.


Hardened steel, nickel-plated and then gold-plated with 24 carat hard gold. The blades are just nickel-plated. This bicoloured design is particulary eye-catching.

Very elegant manicure case made of synthetic leather, very noble outside in different burgundy colors iridescent with gold-colored frame and burgundy-colored velvet inside.

Manicure case.
Weight: 288 g, dimension: 16.5 x 9.5 x 1.9 cm.

Contains 8 high-quality KREUZBUBE Solingen instruments:
1 cuticle scissors, curved, narrowly approaching pointed, bicolour, length: 9 cm.
1 nail scissors, curved, broad approaching pointed, bicolour, length: 9 cm.
1 nail nippers, bicolour, length: 10.5 cm.
1 tweezers, slanted, gold-plated, length: 7.5 cm.
1 sapphire nail file, length: 13 cm.
1 nail pusher, length: 12 cm, gold-plated blade.
1 nail cleaner, length: 12 cm, gold-plated blade.
1 nail cuticle cutter, length: 12 cm, gold-plated blade.

The elegant case has outside a narrow 0.2 cm gold-plated, high-polished metal edge, which surrounds outside the pouch greater and forms the case very noble. The high-quality instruments are inside bedded on burgundy-colored velvet.

The company CARL EVERTS, founded 1896, manufactures high-quality manicure products since over 100 years in the famous city of blades Solingen, Germany. The founder of the Solingen tradition enterprise, Carl Everts, committed himself already at that time to hold the location Solingen the loyalty and to set the quality for that Solingen is world-well-known as his most important goal. The company works in this way until today and that contributes to positively present the trademark KREUZBUBE at the market.

KREUZBUBE - CARL EVERTS since over 100 years Quality made in Solingen, Germany.


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