Manicure case Traveller PFEILRING SOLINGEN


Sturdy and elegant manicure case traveller made of soft darkbrown cowhide with shaver. The shaver has a movable head.
Manicure case with zipper, cowhide, colour: darkbrown.
Weight: 226 g, dimension: 16.5 cm x 9.5 cm x 3 cm.

Nickel instruments are of hardened, nickel-plated steel. They are corrosion-proof, long-lasting and high-grade products featuring a highly attractive surface finish.

Contains 4 high-quality PFEILRING Solingen instruments and 1 shaver with movable head and 2 Gilette blades for the shaver:
1 dual purpose scissors (usable as cuticle and nail scissors), bent, nickel-plated brushed, spire-point, length: 9 cm
1 nail nippers, nickel-plated, lap-joint: the two halves overlap and are connected with a rivet. The PFEILRING corner nippers cut even the toughest of nails cleanly and with little efford. Length: 11 cm. The nail nipper is additonally secured in the case with a pressbutton.
1 tweezers, slant, nickel-plated, length: 8 cm
1 sapphire nail file, one side finely, one side roughly, length: 13.2 cm.
1 shaver with movable head and 2 blades for the shaver

All edges and seams of this cowhide case are precisely hit and carefully finished - high-quality PFEILRING nickel-plated instruments are combined with a noble case.

Quality made in Solingen - Germany. One of the key success factors of PFEILRING´S product range is the ability to combine high-quality craftsman-ship with innovative technology. Tailor-made high-tech processes are used side-by-side with manual processes. This interplay and the intensive cooperation with leading dermatologists guarantees uniform, high quality levels for these kind-to-the-skin instruments and care products.


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