Manicure case Pro PFEILRING SOLINGEN 26-pcs.(!)


Elegant manicure case or manicure folder made of high-quality cowhide.

Manicure case with press-pusch-button, cowhide, color: black,
weight: 776 g, dimension: 23.5 cm x 19.5 cm x 3.5 cm.

Nickel instruments are of hardened, nickel-plated steel. They are corrosion-proof, long-lasting and high-grade products featuring a highly attractive surface finish.

Stainless Inox Instrument: The use of stainless steel has the dual benefits of reducing wear to a minimum and guaranteeing long-lasting sharpness. Nonrusting Inox instruments are anti-allergenic and can be sterilised. They have the highest standards for professional use.

Contains 26 high-quality PFEILRING Solingen instruments in a beautiful PFEILRING case:
1 cuticle scissors, curved, narrowly approaching pointed, nickel-plated brushed, length: 9.5 cm.
1 nail scissors, curved, broad approaching pointed, nickel-plated brushed, length: 9.5 cm.
1 tweezers, cranked, nickel-plated, length: 8.5 cm.
1 automatic tweezers, nickel-plated, length: 10 cm.
1 nail nippers, nickel-plated, lap-joint: the two halves overlap and are connected with a rivet. The PFEILRING corner nippers cut even the toughest of nails cleanly and with little efford. Length: 12.7 cm.
1 cuticle nippers, nickel-plated, lap-joint, the two halves overlap and are connected with a rivet. The PFEILRING cuticle nipper will cut even the finest cuticle cleanly and easily. Length: 9.5 cm.
2 galalith sticks.
1 sapphire nail file, a side finely, a side roughly, length: 18 cm.
1 nail pusher, nickel-plated, length: 11.5 cm.
1 nail cleaner, nickel-plated, length: 11.5 cm.
1 callus planer with blade and 10 spare blades.
1 scalpel, inox, with 2 blades.
1 corner lifter, inox, length: 12 cm.
1 black head remover, inox. The blackhead remover is complete, that means the lancet (length ca. 0,5 cm) for blackhead remover and the loop (length ca. 0,5 cm) for blackhead remover are contained. Lancet and loop are removable and can be ordered additionally individually here in the Shop.
2 rose wood sticks.
1 bandage scissors, inox, ice-hardened, length: 14 cm.
4 emery boards.

All edges and seams of this PFEILRING case are precisely hit, cleanly handsewn and very carefully finished. You will find additinal in the middle of the case a little pocket that can be closed with a zipper. A lot of high-quality PFEILRING instruments are here combined with an exclusive case of cowhide.

Quality made in Solingen - Germany. One of the key success factors of PFEILRING´S product range is the ability to combine high-quality craftsman-ship with innovative technology. Tailor-made high-tech processes are used side-by-side with manual processes. This interplay and the intensive cooperation with leading dermatologists guarantees uniform, high quality levels for these kind-to-the-skin instruments and care products.

Quality you can feel, handmade in Germany.


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